Option to hide/ disable clear logos on playlists

Issue #5812 resolved
Eric created an issue

For users whom wanted a simple and modern looking 10-foot user interface BigBox themes for Home theater PCs on Big Screen TVs.
Think of it as turning the playlists to the likes of Kodi or Windows Media Center.
I know about the "Text List View" but it's not suitable to be used for 10-foot UI because the font is small and I like the animation of the other platform wheels.
I'm talking about using the platform wheels, the ones with big fonts and animations but without clear logos.

Please visit the link on launchbox forum for more details about this issue and why this option is needed for new theme ideas, different setups and different users' tastes:


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  1. Harold

    You hit me right in the feels when you mentioned Windows Media Center. Ahh, the good old times. Anyway, an option to disable clear logos does not hurt anyone and it could be useful as I seen in the forum link. Good luck guys.

  2. Kevin

    Thank you Mr. Eric and I hope the developers implement an option to disable the clear logos for playlists. It's essential to have this option when we use genre names for playlists since clear logos are forced on us in that situation. You can't delete them, nor hide or disable them. I hope more users upvote this please and many thanks in advance to everyone.

  3. Paul

    I think this is a nice idea. not only for modern themes, but for basic low demanding themes and low spec PCs too. it will be nice to still use the spinning wheel, but with smoother performance for these themes and low end PCs used only for MAME and other low demanding emulators. so yeah, I think this is a good option to have.

  4. david

    upvoted. it will be great if someone creates a windows media center theme based on this idea. or at least a theme with similar feel.

  5. Christian

    This should be possible using the new FlowControl/FlowTemplate introduced in 11.10 which is currently in beta 7 release. You will need to have a Theme that does with with the wheel views, it is not available via an option. This new functionality will also allow the theme dev to control which font is used.

  6. Kevin

    Hello, is it possible to do a simple tutorial for this on the form link please (it's in the request description)
    Please read my last post there and many thanks in advance for all the help!

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