Jason Geiger's Portfolio

This is the repo for my 2016 iteration of my portfolio. If you'd like to see my dev process and structure, this should give you a quick taste, just note that it's a work in progress, like most portfolios.


  • Simplify Google UTM tracking
  • Add scroll position to analytics of

Boot Up

  • Clone this project
  • Run vagrant up
  • SSH into the box vagrant ssh
  • Run gulp dev from /var/www
  • Then run gulp watch and start working

File Structure

/app - Working files /public - Dev files (generated via gulp from app source) /build - Final files


gulp dev - builds files and publishes them to the public directory gulp watch - same as above but it's watching you gulp build - compiles everything and makes it ready for the live server


Running vagrant up automatically installs LAMP stack, nodejs, npm, and autoruns npm install.