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Whoops, overflow on map edge

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-                                                        + self.block_length,
+                                                        + self.block_length * 3,
-                                                        + self.block_length))
+                                                        + self.block_length * 3))
         # Spread out a bit so there's no seams on the edges 
         while not (bedrockbox.minx % 16 == 0):
             bedrockbox.minx -= 1
             bedrockbox.minz -= 1
         while not (bedrockbox.maxz % 16 == 0):
             bedrockbox.maxz += 1
-        print "WORLD IS", bedrockbox
-        print "IE", ((bedrockbox.maxcx-bedrockbox.mincx)*( bedrockbox.maxcz-bedrockbox.mincz), ((bedrockbox.mincx, bedrockbox.mincz), (bedrockbox.maxcx, bedrockbox.maxcz)))
         self.mclevel.fillBlocks(bedrockbox, Bedrock)
         bedrockbox.miny = 2
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