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     artist="${track%%- *}"
     title="${track##*- }"
     if [[ -n "$artist" ]]; then
-        echo -e "\x08$artist\x01\x06$title\x01 "
+        echo -e "\x08$artist\x01\x06$title\x01 "
 # Pipe to status bar
-xsetroot -name "$(music) [$(mbt) $(gpu)] [CPU $(cpu) MEM $(mem)] [HDD $(hdd)] \
-[EML $(eml) PKG $(pac) AUR $(ups)$(aur)] [ETH $(int)]  $(dte) "
+xsetroot -name "$(music) $(mbt) $(gpu) • CPU $(cpu) MEM $(mem) • HDD $(hdd) \
+• EML $(eml) PKG $(pac) AUR $(ups)$(aur) • ETH $(int) • $(dte) "
 # screensaving when streaming video
+usage() {
+    printf "%s\n" "Usage: ${0##*/} on|off"
+    exit 1
 case "$1" in
     on) xautolock -disable &&
         xset s off; xset s noblank; xset -dpms
+        printf "%s\n" "Blanking disabled"
     off) xautolock -enable &&
         xset s on; xset s blank; xset +dpms
+        printf "%s\n" "Blanking enabled"
+        ;;
+    *) usage
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