Centurion / .config / surfraw / elvi / github

# elvis: github		-- Search GitHub (https://github.com)
# Author: jason ryan • https://jasonwryan.com

. surfraw || exit 1

w3_config_hook () {
def   SURFRAW_git_type        "$SURFRAW_type"
def   SURFRAW_git_lang         any 

w3_usage_hook () {
    cat <<EOF

Usage: $w3_argv0 [options] [search-string]
	Search Github (https://github.com)

	Local options:
	-l=LANGUAGE   |  -lang=LANGUAGE
	Languages are case sensitive, eg., C, Shell, Python etc.	 
	Languages with spaces must be conjoined with a "+", eg, Common+Lisp
	Default: Any

	-type=SEARCH  | -t=SEARCH
	every  |   Everything 
	repo   |   Repositories
	user   |   Users
	code   |   Code
	           Default: Everything


w3_parse_option_hook () {
    case "$opt" in
	-t*=*)       setopt   SURFRAW_git_type   $optarg ;;
	-l*=*)       setopt   SURFRAW_git_lang   $optarg ;;
	*) return 1 ;;
    return 0
w3_parse_args "$@"
# w3_args now contains list of arguments

# type of search selected
case "$SURFRAW_git_type" in
	every)  type="Everything"    	;;
	repo)   type="Repositories"  	;;
	user)   type="Users"         	;;
	code)   type="Code"          	;;
	*)      type="Everything"    	;;

# No arguments parsed
if [ -z "$w3_args" ]; then
	w3_browse_url "https://github.com"
	# Language and/or search type selected
	escaped_args=$(w3_url_of_arg $w3_args)
	w3_browse_url "https://github.com/search?q=${escaped_args}&repo=&langOverride=&start_value=1&type=${type}&language=${SURFRAW_git_lang}"
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