ash-mozharness / mozharness / mozilla / testing /

#!/usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
# You can obtain one at
# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

import copy
import os
import platform

from mozharness.base.errors import BaseErrorList
from mozharness.base.log import FATAL
from mozharness.base.python import virtualenv_config_options, VirtualenvMixin
from mozharness.mozilla.buildbot import BuildbotMixin

INSTALLER_SUFFIXES = ('.tar.bz2', '.zip', '.dmg', '.exe', '.apk', '.tar.gz')

testing_config_options = [
    {"action": "store",
     "dest": "installer_url",
     "default": None,
     "help": "URL to the installer to install",
    {"action": "store",
     "dest": "installer_path",
     "default": None,
     "help": "Path to the installer to install.  This is set automatically if run with --download-and-extract.",
    {"action": "store",
     "dest": "binary_path",
     "default": None,
     "help": "Path to installed binary.  This is set automatically if run with --install.",
     "dest": "test_url",
     "default": None,
     "help": "URL to the zip file containing the actual tests",
    {"action": "store",
     "dest": "download_symbols",
     "type": "choice",
     "choices": ['ondemand', 'true'],
     "help": "Download and extract crash reporter symbols.",
] + copy.deepcopy(virtualenv_config_options)

# TestingMixin {{{1
class TestingMixin(VirtualenvMixin, BuildbotMixin):
    The steps to identify + download the proper bits for [browser] unit
    tests and Talos.

    installer_url = None
    installer_path = None
    binary_path = None
    test_url = None
    test_zip_path = None
    symbols_url = None
    symbols_path = None
    minidump_stackwalk_path = None
    default_tools_repo = ''

    def query_symbols_url(self):
        if self.symbols_url:
            return self.symbols_url
        if not self.installer_url:
            self.fatal("Can't figure out symbols_url without an installer_url!")
        for suffix in INSTALLER_SUFFIXES:
            if self.installer_url.endswith(suffix):
                self.symbols_url = self.installer_url[:-len(suffix)] + ''
                return self.symbols_url
            self.fatal("Can't figure out symbols_url from installer_url %s!" % self.installer_url)

    # read_buildbot_config is in BuildbotMixin.

    def postflight_read_buildbot_config(self):
        Determine which files to download from the buildprops.json file
        created via the buildbot ScriptFactory.
        if self.buildbot_config:
            c = self.config
            message = "Unable to set %s from the buildbot config"
                files = self.buildbot_config['sourcestamp']['changes'][-1]['files']
                # Bug 868490 - Only require exactly two files if require_test_zip;
                # otherwise accept either 1 or 2, since we'll be getting a
                # test_zip url that we don't need.
                expected_length = [1, 2]
                if c.get("require_test_zip"):
                    expected_length = [2]
                actual_length = len(files)
                if actual_length not in expected_length:
                    self.fatal("Unexpected number of files in buildbot config %s: %d != %d!" % (c['buildbot_json_path'], actual_length, expected_length))
                for f in files:
                    if f['name'].endswith(''): # yuk
                        # str() because of unicode issues on mac
                        self.test_url = str(f['name'])
              "Found test url %s." % self.test_url)
                        self.installer_url = str(f['name'])
              "Found installer url %s." % self.installer_url)
            except IndexError, e:
                if c.get("require_test_zip"):
                    message = message % ("installer_url+test_url")
                    message = message % ("installer_url")
                self.fatal("%s: %s!" % (message, str(e)))
            missing = []
            if not self.installer_url:
            if c.get("require_test_zip") and not self.test_url:
            if missing:
                self.fatal("%s!" % (message % ('+'.join(missing))))
            self.fatal("self.buildbot_config isn't set after running read_buildbot_config!")

    def preflight_download_and_extract(self):
        message = ""
        if not self.installer_url:
            message += """installer_url isn't set!

You can set this by:

1. specifying --installer-url URL, or
2. running via buildbot and running the read-buildbot-config action

        if self.config.get("require_test_zip") and not self.test_url:
            message += """test_url isn't set!

You can set this by:

1. specifying --test-url URL, or
2. running via buildbot and running the read-buildbot-config action

        if message:
            self.fatal(message + "Can't run download-and-extract... exiting")

    def _download_test_zip(self):
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        file_name = None
        if self.test_zip_path:
            file_name = self.test_zip_path
        source = self.download_file(self.test_url, file_name=file_name,
        self.test_zip_path = os.path.realpath(source)

    def _download_unzip(self, url, parent_dir):
        """Generic download+unzip.
        This is hardcoded to halt on failure.
        We should probably change some other methods to call this."""
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        zipfile = self.download_file(url, parent_dir=dirs['abs_work_dir'],
        command = self.query_exe('unzip', return_type='list')
        command.extend(['-q', '-o', zipfile])
        self.run_command(command, cwd=parent_dir, halt_on_failure=True)

    def _extract_test_zip(self, target_unzip_dirs=None):
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        unzip = self.query_exe("unzip")
        test_install_dir = dirs.get('abs_test_install_dir',
                                    os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], 'tests'))
        # adding overwrite flag otherwise subprocess.Popen hangs on waiting for
        # input in a hidden pipe whenever this action is run twice without
        # clobber
        unzip_cmd = [unzip, '-q', '-o', self.test_zip_path]
        if target_unzip_dirs:
        # TODO error_list
        self.run_command(unzip_cmd, cwd=test_install_dir, halt_on_failure=True)

    def _download_installer(self):
        file_name = None
        if self.installer_path:
            file_name = self.installer_path
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        source = self.download_file(self.installer_url, file_name=file_name,
        self.installer_path = os.path.realpath(source)
        self.set_buildbot_property("build_url", self.installer_url, write_to_file=True)

    def _download_and_extract_symbols(self):
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        self.symbols_url = self.query_symbols_url()
        if self.config.get('download_symbols') == 'ondemand':
        if not self.symbols_path:
            self.symbols_path = os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], 'symbols')
        source = self.download_file(self.symbols_url,
        self.set_buildbot_property("symbols_url", self.symbols_url,
        self.run_command(['unzip', '-q', source], cwd=self.symbols_path,

    def download_and_extract(self, target_unzip_dirs=None):
        download and extract test zip / download installer
        if self.test_url:
        if self.config.get('download_symbols'):

    # create_virtualenv is in VirtualenvMixin.

    def preflight_install(self):
        if not self.installer_path:
            if self.config.get('installer_path'):
                self.installer_path = self.config['installer_path']
                self.fatal("""installer_path isn't set!

You can set this by:

1. specifying --installer-path PATH, or
2. running the download-and-extract action
        if not self.is_python_package_installed("mozInstall"):
            self.fatal("""Can't call install() without mozinstall!
Did you run with --create-virtualenv? Is mozinstall in virtualenv_modules?""")

    def install(self):
        """ Dependent on mozinstall """
        # install the application
        cmd = self.query_exe("mozinstall", default=self.query_python_path("mozinstall"), return_type="list")
        if self.config.get('application'):
            cmd.extend(['--app', self.config['application']])
        # Remove the below when we no longer need to support mozinstall 0.3"Detecting whether we're running mozinstall >=1.0...")
        output = self.get_output_from_command(cmd + ['-h'])
        if '--source' in output:
        # End remove
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        target_dir = dirs.get('abs_app_install_dir',
                    '--destination', target_dir])
        # TODO we'll need some error checking here
        self.binary_path = self.get_output_from_command(cmd, halt_on_failure=True)

    def install_minidump_stackwalk(self):
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()

        if not os.path.isdir(os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], 'tools', 'breakpad')):
            # clone hg.m.o/build/tools
            repos = [{
                'repo': self.config.get('tools_repo') or self.default_tools_repo,
                'vcs': 'hg',
                'dest': os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], "tools")

    def query_minidump_stackwalk(self):
        if self.minidump_stackwalk_path:
            return self.minidump_stackwalk_path

        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        env = self.query_env()
        if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], 'tools', 'breakpad')):
            # find binary for platform/architecture
            path = os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], 'tools', 'breakpad', '%s', 'minidump_stackwalk')
            pltfrm = platform.platform().lower()
            arch = platform.architecture()
            if 'linux' in pltfrm:
                if '64' in arch:
                    self.minidump_stackwalk_path = path % 'linux64'
                    self.minidump_stackwalk_path = path % 'linux'
            elif any(s in pltfrm for s in ('mac', 'osx', 'darwin')):
                if '64' in arch:
                    self.minidump_stackwalk_path = path % 'osx64'
                    self.minidump_stackwalk_path = path % 'osx'
            elif 'win' in pltfrm:
                self.minidump_stackwalk_path = path % 'win32' + '.exe'
        elif os.path.isfile(env.get('MINIDUMP_STACKWALK', '')):
            self.minidump_stackwalk_path = env['MINIDUMP_STACKWALK']
        elif os.path.isfile(os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], 'minidump_stackwalk')):
            self.minidump_stackwalk_path = os.path.join(dirs['abs_work_dir'], 'minidump_stackwalk')

        return self.minidump_stackwalk_path

    def _run_cmd_checks(self, suites):
        if not suites:
        dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
        for suite in suites:
            # XXX platform.architecture() may give incorrect values for some
            # platforms like mac as excutable files may be universal
            # files containing multiple architectures
            # NOTE 'enabled' is only here while we have unconsolidated configs
            if not suite['enabled']:
            if suite.get('architectures'):
                arch = platform.architecture()[0]
                if arch not in suite['architectures']:
            cmd = suite['cmd']
            name = suite['name']
  "Running pre test command %(name)s with '%(cmd)s'"
                      % {'name': name, 'cmd': ' '.join(cmd)})
            if self.buildbot_config:  # this cmd is for buildbot
                # TODO rather then checking for formatting on every string
                # in every preflight enabled cmd: find a better solution!
                # maybe I can implement WithProperties in mozharness?
                cmd = [x % (self.buildbot_config.get('properties'))
                       for x in cmd]

    def preflight_run_tests(self):
        """preflight commands for all tests"""
        c = self.config
        if c.get('run_cmd_checks_enabled'):
            self._run_cmd_checks(c.get('preflight_run_cmd_suites', []))
        elif c.get('preflight_run_cmd_suites'):
            self.warning("Proceeding without running prerun test commands."
                         " These are often OS specific and disabling them may"
                         " result in spurious test results!")

    def postflight_run_tests(self):
        """preflight commands for all tests"""
        c = self.config
        if c.get('run_cmd_checks_enabled'):
            self._run_cmd_checks(c.get('postflight_run_cmd_suites', []))
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