POS Front End Updated UI / templates / checkOutStep3.html

<div class="navbar-inner ">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="navbar ">
            <!-- HOME BTN -->
            <a class="btn btn-info pull-left" href="/" style="display: inline-block">
                Home </a>
            <a class="brand" style="margin-left: 250px">&nbsp;&nbsp; Order Summary </a>


<div class="container-fluid">
    <div class="row well" style="margin-left:10px">
        <table class="table table-bordered">
                    <th>Item (Qty) </th>
                    <th>Total Price </th>
                    <td>Table lamp base (1) </td>
                    <td>$19.90 </td>
                <div class="row pull-right">
                    <h5>Total: $150</h5>

            <div class="row well" style="margin-left:10px">
                <legend>Your Information</legend>
                Name: Steve Ng
                <br/>Address: Blk 501, Hougang hehee ave 9, #01-11 (530501)
                <br/>Contact No: 96210234
                <br/>Email : xxx

                Credit Card No: xxxxxxxxxxxx1234
                </br>Cw2/Cv2: 9xx
                </br>Expiry date: 27/xx/xx

                <button class="btn   btn-info pull-right" id="btnFinish" type="button">Click here to return home and clear your information</button>



                window.location.href = "/";