Marcin Kuzminski avatar Marcin Kuzminski committed 5ae5aa6

fixed ldap active checkbox not saving it's state

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 	  <h3>${_('Connection settings')}</h3>
             <div class="field">
                 <div class="label label-checkbox"><label for="ldap_active">${_('Enable LDAP')}</label></div>
-                <div class="checkboxes"><div class="checkbox">${h.checkbox('ldap_active',True,class_='small')}</div></div>
+                <div class="checkboxes"><div class="checkbox">${h.checkbox('ldap_active','true',class_='small')}</div></div>
             <div class="field">
                 <div class="label"><label for="ldap_host">${_('Host')}</label></div>
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