Web browser script editor and executor


Easy instalation
Single JSP page. Just place it into any Java webapp to use.
Code highlighting
Highlighting available for most popular languages via greatest codemirror lib.
Any script engine supported with jsr-223
Can use any of JVM script engines supported by javax.script. Just put engine in classpath.
Client side history of script execution
Script storage
Can read script from disk on server side and add current script to storage. Use <same directory as JSP>/scripts by default or value of scriptconsole.scripts.dir system property.


There are two ways:

Single JSP
Copy scriptConsoleSingle.jsp to webapp. That file contains all js and css dependencies inlined.
JSP with external references
Copy scriptConsole.jsp to webapp. Edit reference paths to libs if they already exists in app Or copy sc_lib directory to same level in webapp

Of course you need also any of jsr-223 libraries in classpath

WARNING: This is a space security black hole.

Do not use in public servers or put authorization into jsp