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The instructions below are for experienced native developers. If you want to create JavaFX apps for mobile, please visit

Welcome to the JavaFX on Android Porting Community

Creating JavaFX Applications that also run on Android devices is not that hard. This project contains everything that is required to build a Java(FX) runtime for Android devices, along with instructions on how to create an Android project based on an existing Java Project. You can choose to either build the runtime yourself, or download one in the Downloads section of this project. The brave ones can build their own runtime. We provide instructions for building the runtime on Linux and MacOS -- follow the instructions.

Download Runtime (or create one yourself) and build applications

If you want to start now with building and deploying JavaFX Applications, follow these instructions

Issues? remarks?

If you have issues, you can create an issue using the Issue Tracker of this project.

For all remarks, comments, ideas, feedback, please use the Google Group javafxandroid.

We want to know all issues you encounter during building and installing HelloWorld. These build instructions should be as easy and accessible as possible. Every single issue you encountered contains useful information for optimising the instructions. Help the JavaFX Community and tell us your experience on the JavaFX Android Google Group.

For an overview of the challenges ahead look at our task list.