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-Chapter 13: Simple Web Applications
+Chapter 13: Simple Web Applications - *Chapter Draft*
 One of the major benefits of using Jython is the ability to make use of Java platform capabilities programming in the Python programming language instead of Java.  In the Java world today, the most widely used web development technique is the Java servlet.  Now, in JavaEE there are techniques and frameworks used so that we can essentially code HTML or other markup languges as opposed to writing Pure Java servlets.  However, sometimes writing a pure Java servlet still has it's advantages.  We can use Jython to write servlets and this adds many more advantages above and beyond what Java has to offer because now we can make use of the Python language features as well.  Similarly, we can code web start applications using Jython instead of pure Java to make our lives easier.  Coding these applicatons in pure Java has proven sometimes to be a difficult and sometimes grueling task.  We can use some of the techiques available in Jython to make our lives easier.  We can even code WSGI applications with Jython making use of the *modjy* integration in the Jython project.