many errors in chapter 18 of the jythonbook

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Jason Sachs
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There are a bunch of what look like missing text items here, including these from the first 5% of the chapter:

  • And you can use the multiple methods provided by .
  • There are many other assertion methods besides , of course.
  • Accepts a Boolean argument, expecting it to be .
  • The trailing underscore is needed because is a keyword.
  • The rest of the arguments passed to are passed on to the callable.
  • Say, if you wrote all this code on a file named , then run:
  • Change the invocation method in to use instead.
  • and an explanation of the failure is printed, pointing out that and are not equal.
  • By the way, now you can imagine why using is better than :
  • if the test fails, provides helpful information, which can’t possibly provide by itself.
  • To see this in action, let’s change to use :

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