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add <output> support in hints

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 	private String labelInnerText;
 	private String helpText;
 	private String textID; /* The id (ref) pointing to the localized values of (pic-URIs,audio-URIs,text) */
+	private String helpInnerText;
 		setLabelInnerText((String)ExtUtil.read(dis, new ExtWrapNullable(String.class), pf));
 		setHelpText((String)ExtUtil.read(dis, new ExtWrapNullable(String.class), pf));
 		setHelpTextID((String)ExtUtil.read(dis, new ExtWrapNullable(String.class), pf));
+        setHelpInnerText((String)ExtUtil.read(dis, new ExtWrapNullable(String.class), pf));
 		choices = ExtUtil.nullIfEmpty((Vector)ExtUtil.read(dis, new ExtWrapList(SelectChoice.class), pf));
 		ExtUtil.write(dos, new ExtWrapNullable(getLabelInnerText()));
 		ExtUtil.write(dos, new ExtWrapNullable(getHelpText()));
 		ExtUtil.write(dos, new ExtWrapNullable(getHelpTextID()));
+        ExtUtil.write(dos, new ExtWrapNullable(getHelpInnerText()));
 		ExtUtil.writeNumeric(dos, getControlType());
 		ExtUtil.write(dos, new ExtWrapList(ExtUtil.emptyIfNull(choices)));
 		return labelInnerText;
+    public void setHelpInnerText(String helpInnerText) {
+        this.helpInnerText = helpInnerText;
+    }
+    public String getHelpInnerText() {
+        return helpInnerText;
+    }
 	public String getTextID() {
 		return textID;


 		String textID = ((QuestionDef)element).getHelpTextID();
 		String helpText = ((QuestionDef)element).getHelpText();
+		String helpInnerText = ((QuestionDef)element).getHelpInnerText();
 			if (textID != null) {
+			} else {
+			    helpText=substituteStringArgs(((QuestionDef)element).getHelpInnerText());
 		}catch(NoLocalizedTextException nlt){
 			//use fallback helptext


 		Vector usedAtts = new Vector();
 		String hint = getXMLText(e, true);
+		String hintInnerText = getLabel(e);
 		String ref = e.getAttributeValue("", REF_ATTR);
 		if (ref != null) {
 				throw new RuntimeException("malformed ref [" + ref + "] for <hint>");
 		} else {
+		    q.setHelpInnerText(hintInnerText);
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