bind datatype 'long' can't be deserialized

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

After storing an unsent form that holds a input field of datatype 'long', i.e.

<bind nodeset="/data/smsblock/mobile" type="long" required="true()" constraint=". &gt; 10000000000 and . &lt; 19999999999" jr:constraintMsg="Number must be 11 digits."/>

the form can't be opened again, neither can the 'saved forms' list, due to exception:

unhandled exception in gui-cl => java.lang.RuntimeException[Error deserializing bytestream for type [fg]; No datatype registration to serialization code [c9 55 48 ff]]

orignally posted at!topic/javarosa-developers/21iPw3gXmV8

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