need ability to load xforms via usb

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Specifically when dynamically loading any number of forms, it is difficult to have the full JR experience on phones without GPRS service. As of now, once JR has been installed on the phone, the only dynamic option for loading new forms can occur by downloading forms over GPRS.

Proposal is for: - A way one can load xforms into the application without pulling them down from a remote server. - A way for Xforms to be transferred via USB - Users should be able to load as many xform(s) as desired after JR has been installed (i.e. Xforms need not be bundled with local build).

See discussion on javaRosa-implementers google group:

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  1. Anonymous

    Are you targeting a particular phone model? Very very few phones support USB connections from J2ME. For instance all the Nokia phones i have ever tested do not support it from J2ME!!!

  2. apoku reporter

    No this is a device agnostic approach.

    The use case would be:

    1. mount the phone's sdcard to computer (via usb, microsd adapter, etc)
    2. transfer the xform(s) from the computer to the appropriate location on the sdcard.
    3. JR would then be able to point to that filesystem location on the sdcard to load the xform(s)

    In the google group thread, Clayton indicates step 3 is only a few lines of code to make JR look for files on the phone's filesystem.

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