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Yaw Anokwa
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Originally filed at http://code.google.com/p/opendatakit/issues/detail?id=555

I'm using jr:count and jr:noAddRemove to limit the number of repeat question like following:



<label>Name of people</label>
<repeat nodeset="/RS10/GroupA69" jr:count="/RS10/A69" jr:noAddRemove="true()">
<input bind="A70">
<label ref="jr:itext('A70')"/>
<input bind="A71">
<label ref="jr:itext('A71')"/>

jr:count take value from previous question (variable A69) is the total number of people in household. It work very well when I enter data in normal way. But if i enter a wrong number for A69 (for example 66 people in household) and go to next question. After that i realize and go back to edit the value of A69 question from 66 to 6 and the problem is the jr:count still using value 66 (the value enter at first) and I still have 66 repeat questions to enter.

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