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While setting up the build environment, complications occur if you already have an older version of Polish installed when need to install Polish 2.1.0. You have a couple of options. They are listed here, listed in order of recommendation.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\.
  2. Right click on J2ME-Polish, and click "Rename".
  3. Enter J2ME-Polish2.N.M, where N.M is the version number of the existing installation. Press enter, and verify that the folder is no longer called J2ME-Polish.
  4. Resume the Getting Started/Installing the Development Environment/Step 4.2, installing J2ME-Polish 2.1.0 to the path C:\Program Files\J2ME-Polish

The J2ME-Polish 2.1.0 installer will attempt to install itself to C:\Program Files\J2ME-Polish2.1.0; this is ok, but requires that you make a few changes to your build environment.

  1. In Getting Started/Configuring the Development Environment/Step 4.2, set the POLISH_HOME references to point to the location you've chosen (generally C:\Program Files\J2ME-Polish2.1.0).
  2. After Getting Started/Configuring the Source Code/Step 3.1 create a new file in the root directory of the j2me-demo-app folder called local.properties.
    1. Open the file local.properties and add the following line, setting the path to be identical to the one used in step 1. polish.home=C:\\Program Files\\J2ME-Polish2.1.0\\

Your environment should now be configured to build properly against Polish 2.1.0.