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this a small self-contained application (136 lines) that runs a wiki based on mercurial control version system. It works *inside* mercurial repository it is *NOT* a repository itself since has more sense to have a wiki inside project repo (like bitbucket) than another repo.

really quick start

if you want to start to write your wiki execute next steps:

easy_install hg-wiki 
hg init myrepo
cd myrepo wiki


install python, setup_tools (for easy_install) and mercurial

easy_install juno
easy_install creoleparser

quick start

Inside your mercurial repository execute:

python mywiki

A complete example looks like this:

hg init myrepo
cd myrepo
python /path/to/ wiki

point web browser to http://localhost:8080 and begin to edit

This command creates a new folder, initilize a new mercurial repository and start to serve http application. In order to see available syntax, go to


juno and creoleparser creators, github for wiki css styles and git-wiki for inspiration