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Make allow_mult setting via http interface accept boolean forms of "true", true, or 1.

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                         proplists:get_value(?JSON_FUN, Props)))}};
 erlify_bucket_prop({?JSON_ALLOW_MULT, Value}) ->
-    {allow_mult, (Value == <<"true">>)};
+    {allow_mult, any_to_bool(Value)};
 erlify_bucket_prop({Prop, Value}) ->
     {list_to_existing_atom(binary_to_list(Prop)), Value}.
 any_to_list(V) when is_binary(V) ->
+any_to_bool(V) when is_list(V) ->
+    (V == "1") orelse (V == "true") orelse (V == "TRUE");
+any_to_bool(V) when is_binary(V) ->
+    any_to_bool(binary_to_list(V));
+any_to_bool(V) when is_integer(V) ->
+    V /= 0;
+any_to_bool(V) when is_boolean(V) ->
+    V.
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