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1) Drop riak.js, json2.js, and a recent version of jQuery into a Riak bucket.

2) Enjoy!

Running unit tests:

You'll need to have curl installed in order to set up the testing environment.

0) If your Riak server is listening on something other than, you'll
   need to edit tests/setup to point to the right host and port. The variables to
   edit are called, helpfully, HOST and PORT.

1) To install the test environment, run the setup script in the tests directory
   with the -i option:
   cd tests;./setup -i

2) You can now run the unit tests by pointing your browser to the unit
   test page. Assuming Riak is listening on, the URL for
   the unit tests is:

3) You can clean out any transient test data by running the setup script
   with the -c option:
   cd tests;./setup -c

4) Finally, you can remove the test environment by running setup again with
   the -u option:
   cd tests;./setup -u