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don't blow up in wmtrace with new-style delayed-receive reqdata

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-encode_request(ReqData) ->
+encode_request(ReqData) when is_record(ReqData, wm_reqdata) ->
     {struct, [{"method", atom_to_list(
               {"path", wrq:raw_path(ReqData)},
               {"headers", encode_headers(wrq:req_headers(ReqData))},
-              {"body", case wrq:req_body(ReqData) of
+              {"body", case ReqData#wm_reqdata.req_body of
                            undefined -> [];
+                           Body when is_atom(Body) ->
+                               atom_to_list(Body);
                            Body -> lists:flatten(io_lib:format("~s", [Body]))
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