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jus...@basho.com cbc3891 

jus...@basho.com 164b3e8 
Bryan Fink 263fb4f 
jus...@basho.com a00f284 
Andy Gross ccf0783 
jus...@basho.com 43e6e3b 
jus...@basho.com f761d91 
jus...@basho.com 76228d5 
Andy Gross bbc6e14 
The following people have contributed to Riak:

Andy Gross
Justin Sheehy
Robert Ahrens
Jeremy Latt
Bryan Fink
Ryan Tilder
John Muellerleile
Dave Smith
Christopher Brown
Tuncer Ayaz
Rusty Klophaus
Jay Doane
Martin Scholl
Jayson Baird
Kirill A. Korinskiy
Kevin Smith
Jonathan Lee
Sean Cribbs
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