Bryan Fink  committed a5203df

Client:get_stats(local) gets stats for the node that Client connects to, not necessarily the node on which get_stats/1 is called

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File src/riak_client.erl

     rpc:call(Node, riak_eventer, remove_handler, [Pid, MatchHead, MatchGuard]). 
 get_stats(local) ->
-    [{node(), gen_server:call(riak_stat, get_stats)}];
+    [{Node, rpc:call(Node, gen_server, call, [riak_stat, get_stats])}];
 get_stats(global) ->
     {ok, Ring} = rpc:call(Node, riak_ring_manager, get_my_ring, []),
     Nodes = riak_ring:all_members(Ring),