This project provides custom MSBuild Tasks for performing solution management on your SharePoint Farm during a build. You may find this useful if, like me, you perform automated browser testing of your SharePoint solution and want to deploy the built version in a clean manner before executing your tests.

To use this library, you'll need to copy both assemblies (SharePointDeployment.dll and SharePointDeployment.Tasks.dll) as well as the SharePointDeployment.Targets file into your build tree.

In your MSBuild file, add a <Imports> directive to include the provided tasks into your build context. For example:

	<Import Project="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\lib\SharePointDeployment.Targets" />
Now you can execute the available tasks in one of your build targets. For example:

	<Target Name="UpdateSolution" DependsOnTargets="Compile">
		<ReinstallSolution SolutionIdGuid="7A751A63-D06E-47A0-A6C6-BCB4E39C0C4B"
						   FeatureIdGuid="AFC95595-9237-470a-9A0B-758BB6E11561" />
Currently, only the "ReinstallSolution" task is available (the only one I needed right now), which performs a full "retract->un-install->install->deploy->activate" chain on the specified solution.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me on bitbucket ( or twitter (

Happy SharePoint Coding!