Wikidata query source code
(c) 2013 by Magnus Manske
released under GPL 2+


Use parse_xml_bz2.php to convert an XML dump to a tabbed format:
bunzip2 -c BZ2_FILE | parse_xml_bz2.php | gzip -c >

Generate file secretsauce.txt containing a single line "password" for live updates

Start wd_inmem (on some systems with sudo for low port numbers) with port number as parameter, pipe in tabbed file, like so:
zcat | sudo ./wd_inmem 80

See for automated make/run

Use ./download_and_process_incremental_dumps.php for incremental updates (Labs environment only ATM).

Required Ubuntu packages:
sudo apt-get install build-essentials
sudo apt-get install php5

If Mac OSX Firewall keeps bugging you about wd_inmem "allow incoming connectoins":