Anonymous committed 13d94a8

Added default to place legend on outside for Bezier Curve plots.

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     plot1 = $.jqplot("chart1", [line1,line2, line3, line4, line5], {
            seriesDefaults: {renderer:$.jqplot.BezierCurveRenderer},
-           legend:{show:true, location:'e', placement:'outside'}
+           legend:{show:true}


     function preInit(target, data, options) {
         options = options || {};
         options.axesDefaults = $.extend(true, {pad:0}, options.axesDefaults);
+        options.legend = $.extend(true, {placement:'outside'}, options.legend);
         // only set these if there is a pie series
         var setopts = false;
         if (options.seriesDefaults.renderer == $.jqplot.BezierCurveRenderer) {
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