Installing on Windows

If you are on windows and you want to merely run Camp Rental, you should download and install the .msi file at BitBucket. The usage manual will be installed under the start menu entry for Camp Rental.

Release Notes


  • New inventory fields (prices, image)
  • Price computations


  • switch to creating binaries with PySide
  • use calendar view from QtViews

Installing on Linux

Clone from bitbucket with appropriate dependencies. Dependencies include:

  1. QtAlchemy
  2. QtViews
  3. fuzzyparsers
  4. reportlab
  5. sqlalchemy
  6. baker

Camp Rental Usage

Refer to MANUAL.txt

Development on Windows

If you want to develop on windows, install the following dependencies:

  1. Python 2.7
  2. QtAlchemy
  3. QtViews
  4. fuzzyparsers
  5. reportlab
  6. sqlalchemy 0.9.x
  7. baker
  8. PySide 1.2.1 or greater
  9. WiX 3.5
  10. SCons 2.x
  11. py2exe 0.6.9
  12. docutils 0.6

To build the MSI:

  1. Put the correct things on your path
  2. Run buildmsi.cmd
  3. Distribute CampRental-{version}.msi

The path correction might be

set PATH=C:Program FilesWindows Installer XML v3bin;c:python27;c:python27Scripts;%PATH%

but this is dependent on the locations you chose on installation of individual packages.