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version bump for 0.8.0

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 production use for the author's personal use, it is primarily a demonstration
 and example of qtalchemy -- .
-PyHacc can be run on both PyQt4 and PySide.  In the root of the mercurial 
-repository, run the script qtbindings to switch between the two.  The source 
-comes set up for PyQt4, but you can switch to PySide with::
+As of qtalchemy version 0.8.x, PyHacc uses PySide.  To use PyQt4 instead of
+PySide, you must install from the source in the bitbucket repository.  Install
+in the following way::
     python --platform=PySide
     python build
+* reports:  balance sheet and profit & loss formatting with sorting and
+  grouping flexibility
+* reports:  html export
+* experimental flask http server code for viewing of reports
+* switch to using PySide rather than PyQt4
+* primitive calendar view for transactions (personally, I love it!)
+* transaction tagging gui
 * report changes with column width being propogated from on-screen lists to pdf
 * bug fixes
 0.6:  First pleasantly usable version in production

File pyhacc/

 from PyHaccSchema import *
 import reports
-__version_info__ = ['0', '7']
+__version_info__ = ['0', '8', '0']
 __version__ = '.'.join(__version_info__)
     return open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), fname)).read()
-    version='0.7', # also update in pyhacc/
+    version='0.8.0', # also update in pyhacc/
     description='pyhacc personal accounting',
     author='Joel B. Mohler',