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Mingus is currently stable with pip 0.4 – with the recent update to pip 0.5 there have been install issues reported related to pulling from git repos.


A Django blog engine leveraging only existing reusable apps, and django-snippets. The project itself defines no models (db schemas).

The project was conceptualized for a Django-NYC lightening talk, with the goal of introducing Django developers to the concepts behind integrating existing reusable apps in their project, as well as leveraging virtualenv, virtualenv wrapper, and pip into the workflow.

To read more about all the reusable apps that Mingus employs, read The apps that power Django-Mingus.

It also comes with 5 default themes to choose from (really just varying color schemes). They are Basic, Dark, Django, Minimal, and JeffCroft. You can view them here

Please submit issues, bugs, ideas, suggestion, etc., on the project issues page.

Real World Examples

To see it live in action, view:

Getting Started

I’m beginning to add docs now. They are located in the docs directory. Currently the docs include a quick-start to get you going.