James Bennett avatar James Bennett committed 40f4bf1

Add proper version numbering.

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+VERSION = (0, 8, 0, 'alpha', 1)
+def get_version():
+    version = '%s.%s' % (VERSION[0], VERSION[1])
+    if VERSION[2]:
+        version = '%s.%s' % (version, VERSION[2])
+    if VERSION[3:] == ('alpha', 0):
+        version = '%s pre-alpha' % version
+    else:
+        if VERSION[3] != 'final':
+            version = '%s %s %s' % (version, VERSION[3], VERSION[4])
+    return version
 from distutils.core import setup
 import os
+from registration import get_version
 # Compile the list of packages available, because distutils doesn't have
 # an easy way to do this.
 packages, data_files = [], []
-      version='0.8',
+      version=get_version(),
       description='An extensible user-registration application for Django',
       author='James Bennett',
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