Hakan Ardo committed 5e359f5

initiate interned_refs using the original ConstantValues and make sure they are placed in optimizer.values aswell

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                          for o in self.optimizations]
-        for value, box in self.interned_refs.items():
-            if box in short_boxes:
-                new.interned_refs[value] = box
+        for ref, box in self.interned_refs.items():
+            value = self.getvalue(box)
+            if isinstance(value, ConstantValue): # These are the only values surviving without being cloned
+                new.interned_refs[ref] = box
+                new.values[box] = value
         new.pure_operations = args_dict()
         for key, op in self.pure_operations.items():
             if op.result in short_boxes: