Bitbucket => Trello Bridge

Bitbucket seems to have abandoned the development of brokers before they got around to implementing a broker for Trello.

Yet I just started my first node application and I am using Trello and Bitbucket so what am I to do?

Luckily, Bitbucket has a POST hook that allows you to supply a callback URL for each successful push.

This node.js server will give you a simple API with only one route that listens for the Bitbuck POST broker call.

Setting up the Server

All you need is a place to run your node server. You will also need to setup the following configuration variables using process.env or an env-user.json config file:




  "trelloKey": "<your_key>",
  "trelloToken": "<your_token>",
  "trelloBoardId": "<your_board_id>",
  "bitbucketUser": "<your_username>",
  "bitbucketRepo": "<your_repo_name>"

In order to get your Trello Application Key, follow these instructions in the Trello API documentation.

In order to get your Trello User Token, follow these instructions in the Trello API documentation.

To get your board id, go to the trello board you want to use and look in the url for the id:<board_id>/<board_name>


In your commit message, simply reference the card number (e.g. "Card #6") like so:

Making some awesome.
Card #6

This will be parsed by the bridge to determine which card should get the commit message as a comment.

To determine your card number, simply open the card an choose "Share an more..." on the bottom right of the card. This will show you the card number.

The result is a comment on your card for each commit. The text fo the comment will contain the commiter's name and email, the commit message, and a link back to the commit in Bitbucket.

Sample Commit Comment