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 Add following line to ``/etc/rc.local``
 .. code-block:: none
   setkeycodes e049 102 e051 107 e047 104 e04f 109
 You may do it in couple of ways:
 * Do it at X level remapping using ``xmodmap``
-* Do it at lower level using
+* Do it at lower level
 I did it previously using ``xmodmap``, this solution has many drawbacks,
 and  but since upgrade to gnome 3.8 I needed to launch ``xmodmap`` by hand.

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+Install node modules without root
+Sometimes you need to install some node modules, but every tutorial says: "Do
+``sudo npm install -g something``. I dont like to mix
+sudo and downloading some stuff from unsecure location. There is a very easy
+way to install such modules in a easy way.
+There is how:
+1. Download/untar node js. Let's say it is in ``/tmp/node``
+2. Create directory named ``"$HOME/.local"`` (or any other really)
+3. ``cd /tmp/node``
+4. ``configure --prefix="$HOME/.local"``
+5. ``make && make install``
+Now you have a working installation of node in ``$HOME/.local/bin``, add this
+directory to ``PATH`` and you'll be able to install modules "globally" to your
+home folder, for example:
+.. code-block:: bash
+    npm install -g coffee-script
+and ``coffee`` will be accessible from ``$HOME/.local/bin``.