4chan image downloader.

You can download entire boards or just single threads. The script will parse the HTML code and will download all the jpg, png and gif images found. The script check if you have already downloaded an image and don't download it twice.

No installation is required. The scripts only uses stardard python lib.

We have two scripts: 4chanV1 and 4chanV2 (version one and two). 

The 4chanV1 script is just for downloading random images from /b/ (random board). All the images are downloaded and stored to a folder. The script never ends, is always downloadin stuff.

The 4chanV2 is more complex. You can run:

python --help for see all the options.

You can check out the webpage and see an example of the usage.

Copyright (C) Jan Carreras Prat 2012.
License: GPL3. See the COPYING file or take a look to

This is just a script for download images from The user (YOU) always choose what to download (even if you use it downloading the /b/ board), so if you are downloading ilegal stuff is YOUR problem, not mine. The author (ME) have any responsability on the usage of this script. If you are using this script for downloading child pornography or this kind of shit you are a fuking' bastard and you don't deserve to live. After saying all this just: have fun with (another) way to see!!!