Tasks (aka Notepad) is an application that helps you to manage a To Do List.

Very easy to use. Click on "New notepad" and just add tasks in the list and when the tasks are done, just mark it as "done!". If you want to delete the task from the list just edit the task (clicking on it), remove the text and press <Enter>.

For being able to use your notepad again, you must save the "Notepad ID" number, just in the top of the screen. This is like a login for your notepad. Of coruse you can share your Notepad ID with your friends and they'll be able to add/edit/modify/delete the tasks on your list.

You need to install the follow python dependences (I recommend to use virtualenv)
$ pip install bottle bottle-sqlite webob beaker

And after that we can just run the app by doing:
$ python

You can access to the application using a browser and entering the url http://localhost:8080

Copyright (C) Jan Carreras Prat 2012.
License: GPL3. See the COPYING file or take a look to

- This project was developed in just one day
- I did it for fun and it's very simple. 
- There are thousands (literally) of web applications like this on the Internet.
- If you are using it for something, I would be very glad to know it
- Maybe you can found a running copy of the code at and test the app.