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PostgreSQL-OCaml - PostgreSQL Bindings for OCaml

What is PostgreSQL-OCaml?

This OCaml-library provides an interface to PostgreSQL, an efficient and reliable, open source, relational database. Almost all functionality available through the C-API (libpq) is replicated in a type-safe way. This library uses objects for representing database connections and results of queries.


The OCaml-API in file lib/postgresql.mli is well-documented, and more detailed information on how to interact with PostgreSQL is available in the PostgreSQL-documentation. The OCaml-examples in the examples-directory are mostly very short and comprehensible and therefore a good way to get started.

Contact Information and Contributing

In the case of bugs, feature requests, contributions and similar, please contact the maintainers:

Up-to-date information should be available at:


Markus Mottl in Rutherford, NJ on July 10, 2012