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This repository has been deprecated in favor of


# activate mercurial patch stack
$ cat >> ~/.hgrc
mq =

# clone patches repository including the dwm repository
$ hg qclone hg qclone

# activate all patches, including the personal configuration
$ hg qpush -a

# build dwm
$ make

Patch References
attachabove.patch             -
disable_focus_stealing.patch  - no URL yet
float_border_color2.patch     -
focusmaster.patch             - no URL yet
gaplessgrid.patch             -
maximize_vert_horz.patch      -
moveresize.patch              -
pertag.patch                  -
push.patch                    -
restart.patch                 - no URL yet
save_floats.patch             -
shifttags.patch               - no URL yet
single_tagset.patch           -
single_window_no_border.patch -
statusallmons.patch           -
swapfocus.patch               -
systray.patch                 -
tagall.patch                  -
toggleview_focus_client.patch - no URL yet
zoomswap.patch                -

Not maintained
raiselower.patch          -

Recent activity

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