Welcome to JOpenMetaVerse!!!

* A library to interact with 3d virtual world simulators (ex. OpenSim).
* Completely written in Java.
* The core library implements:
  + Simulator Protocol (Protocol connecting to OpenSim)
  + Networking (based on HTTP and UDP)
  + Imaging (Jpeg2000, TGA Images)
  + Android SDK Compatible
  + 3D Rendering (Currently being Developed)

How to get it

Setting up Git on BitBucket

Add Account Public Key:

Clone the respository
git clone ssh://<account Name>/reponame.git

=Some useful Mvn Commands

==Run a specific test case
mvn clean -Dtest=TWorkflowTaskClientTest test

==Install the project, skipping test cases
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

==Check and apply license header
mvn license:check -Ddate=2012
mvn license:format -Ddate=2012