Frank D  committed 982e401

Fix connecting to Facebook by sending the now encrypted OAuth token instead of the soon-to-be-deprecated session_key. Fixes #15544

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File ChangeLogs/Changes Between Betas.txt

  * Fixed a shadow drawing error under 64 bit in PSMTabBarController
  * Fix issue where the user count was not updated when the user list is dragged open. (#15446)
  * Fix issue where the state of the user list was not preserved when the user list is dragged open or closed.
+ * Fix connecting to Facebook using OAuth. (#15544)

File Plugins/Purple Service/AIFacebookXMPPAccount.m

-	NSString *sessionKey = [[[self oAuthToken] componentsSeparatedByString:@"|"] objectAtIndex:1];
+	NSString *sessionKey = [self oAuthToken];
 	[[adium accountController] setPassword:sessionKey forAccount:self];
 	/* When we're newly authorized, connect! */

File Plugins/Purple Service/libpurple_extensions/auth_fb.c

 	request = purple_fbapi_construct_request(purple_connection_get_account(js->gc),
 											 "v", "1.0",
-											 "session_key", purple_connection_get_password(js->gc),
+											 "access_token", purple_connection_get_password(js->gc),
 											 "nonce", nonce,

File Plugins/Purple Service/libpurple_extensions/fbapi.c

 		value = va_arg(args, const char *);
 		g_tree_insert(params, (char *)key, (char *)value);
-		/* If we have a session_key then we need a call_id */
-		if (g_str_equal(key, "session_key")) {
+		/* If we have an access_token then we need a call_id */
+		if (g_str_equal(key, "access_token")) {
 			struct timeval tv;
 			if (gettimeofday(&tv, NULL) != 0) {
 				time_t now;