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   * Various visual refinements. (Paul Wilde) (#14441)
+  * Smooth Operator replaced Stockholm as the default message style
   * Added a "Reopen Closed Tab" menu item to the File menu that will restore the most recently closed tab. (#12537)
   * Clicking on a link whilst holding the Cmd key opens the link in the background. (Aaron Dodson) (#12129)
   * Added Imgur as a supported image uploading service. (Shayne Sweeney) (#13186)
   * Added version numbers for Xtras to Xtras Manager. (Ariel Chinn) (#11285)
+  * Fixed case in the path for the iChat emoticons. (#14936)
+  * Group chat userlists and the status icons selection menu in the appearances preferences now use the tab version of status icons. (#13838)
  * Added the "On Accounts" table to the nextKeyView in the 'Add Contact' window. (#14269)