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Access 'account' through the accessor, which will lazily create as necessary, to ensure proper behavior. There's no guarantee the PurpleaAccount has already been initialized.
(transplanted from 78f14fe416d99e97c4c382d71caeeb3d3d1e8044)

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Plugins/Purple Service/CBPurpleAccount.m

 	PurplePlugin				*prpl;
-	if ((prpl = purple_find_prpl(purple_account_get_protocol_id(account)))) {
+	if ((prpl = purple_find_prpl(purple_account_get_protocol_id(self.purpleAccount)))) {
 - (NSAlert*)alertForAccountDeletion
-	PurplePluginProtocolInfo *prpl_info = self.protocolInfo;
+	PurplePluginProtocolInfo *prpl_info;
 	//Ensure libpurple has been loaded, since we need to know whether we can unregister this account
 	[self purpleAdapter];
+	prpl_info = self.protocolInfo;
 	if (prpl_info && 
 		prpl_info->unregister_user &&
 		[self allowAccountUnregistrationIfSupportedByLibpurple]) {
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