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remove completed from submitted and open

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     def get_my_submitted_features(self, user):
-        return self.get_my_features(user).filter(status__in=[SUBMITTED,REVIEWING,APPROVED,DENIED])
+        return self.get_my_features(user).filter(status__in=[SUBMITTED,REVIEWING,APPROVED,DENIED], is_complete=False)
     def get_my_unsubmitted_features(self, user):
-        return self.get_my_features(user).filter(status=EDITING)
+        return self.get_my_features(user).filter(status=EDITING, is_complete=False)
     def get_my_features(self, user):


             <th>Date Requested</th>
             <th>Requested Feature</th>
+            <th>Completed Date</th>
             <th>Completed Comments</th>
             <td>{{feature.create_date|date:"M dS Y"}}</td>
+            <td>{{feature.complete_date|date:"M dS Y"}}</td>
             <td>{{ feature.score }}</td>            
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