django-fitlog / fitlog / templates / fitlog / home.html

{% extends "fitlog/base.html" %}
{% load fitlog_tags %}
{% block body %} 

{% if user.is_authenticated %}
    <p>Welcome, {{ user.username }}. Thanks for logging in. 
    <a href='{% url my_logs %}'>View My Logs</a> 
    or <a href='{% url add_log %}'>Add New Fitness Log</a>
    or <a href='{% url bodyweight_log %}'>View My Body Weight Log</a> </p>
    <h2>Newest Fitness Logs</h2>
    {% list_recent_logs %}
{% else %}
    <p>Welcome, new user. Please log in or register to gain access</p>
    <a href='{% url auth_login %}'>Login</a>
    <a href='{% url registration_register %}'>Register</a>
{% endif %}

{% endblock body %}
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