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 * Ability to post in the future
 * Article expiration facilities
 * Articles from email
+* Article attachments
 * Article statuses--"draft" and "finished" are there by default
 * Allows articles to be written in plain text/HTML or using Markdown,
   ReStructured Text, or Textile markup
         'acknowledge': True,
+Article Attachments
+You can now attach files to your articles and have them be included with the
+article on the site.  Attachments can be created using the Django admin while
+composing your articles.  You may also attach files to emails that you send to
+the special mailbox (described above) if you so desire.
 Article Statuses


-__version__ = '1.9.6-pre1'
+__version__ = '2.0.0-pre1'
 The Pygments reStructuredText directive