Josh VanderLinden committed 88ab242

Added some safety features to the articles from email code

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 MB_POP3 = 'POP3'
 class MailboxHandler(object):
     def __init__(self, host, port, username, password, keyfile, certfile, ssl): = host
         self.port = port
                 self.port = self.unsecure_port
+    def secure_port(self):
+        return -1
+    @property
+    def unsecure_port(self):
+        return -1
+    @property
     def handle(self):
         if not self._handle:
             self._handle = self.connect()
             self.log('Fetching messages')
             messages = handle.fetch()
             created = self.create_articles(messages)
             self.log('Deleting consumed messages')
             self.log('Failed to communicate with mail server.  Please verify your settings.', 0)
             if handle:
-                handle.disconnect()
+                try:
+                    handle.disconnect()
+                except socket.error:
+                    # probably means we couldn't connect to begin with
+                    pass
     def get_mail_handle(self, protocol, *args, **kwargs):
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