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Josh VanderLinden  committed 965c76b

Fixing various errors...

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File articles/models.py

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     def get_absolute_url(self):
-        return ('articles_display_tag', (self.clean,))
+        return ('articles_display_tag', (self.cleaned,))
     def cleaned(self):

File articles/templatetags/article_tags.py

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             # determine what view we are using based upon the path of this page
             view, args, kwargs = resolve(context['request'].path)
-        except (Resolver404, KeyError):
+        except (Resolver404, KeyError) as err:
+            print err
             raise ValueError('Invalid pagination page.')
             # set the page parameter for this view

File articles/views.py

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     than duplicate a bunch of code.  I'll probably revisit this in the future.
-    context = {}
+    context = {'request': request}
     if tag:
             tag = get_object_or_404(Tag, slug__iexact=tag)