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Josh VanderLinden
Switched the category->tag script to use the category slug instead of the category name
Removed a print and fixed a feed
Lots and lots of work to get back up and running again.
Updated the README with more clear instructions pertaining to Disqus.
Added a README and completed the first working version of the django.contrib.comments => Disqus conversion command. Various other bits of cleaning.
Merging branches
Began working on a management command to import comments on my articles into Disqus
Josh VanderLinden
Updated the automatic emailer to send from the person who made the comment, not from the site admin.
Josh VanderLinden
Updated the comment block to link to the proper location for the gravatar image
Preparing to move repo to mercurial
removed the hard-coded reference to the login page
Fixed the article listings to only show active articles
Updated the to not require pygments
Fixed the related articles section in article_detail.html and added the next/previous post stuff back
Added some admin actions to facilitate usage
Added pagination utilities and finished cleaning things up to a point where the app should be usable
Doing a lot of house cleaning
Initial import--still in the process of cleaning it up, so it's probably not useful to anyone out of the box just yet.
Initial directory structure.
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