Josh VanderLinden  committed fc6a1ae

Fixing a potential problem with caching in memcached

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File articles/

-__version__ = '2.4.1'
+__version__ = '2.4.2'
 from articles.directives import *

File articles/

-from base64 import encodestring
+from hashlib import sha1
 from datetime import datetime
 import logging
 import mimetypes
         for link in LINK_RE.finditer(self.rendered_content):
             url =
             log.debug('Do we have a title for "%s"?' % (url,))
-            key = 'href_title_' + encodestring(url).strip()
+            key = 'href_title_' + sha1(url).hexdigest()
             # look in the cache for the link target's title
             title = cache.get(key)