John McDonald

For Sparta!

A web-based card game where you bid for lots of slaves, then pit those slaves against each other in a variety of tournaments. Most gold wins.

Like Clockwork

There can only be one! Written for the GDSE Game Jam. You program bots using Blockly, then pit them against each other using Crafty.js

Asteroid Outpost

A 2D tower strategy game written using the XNA framework.

Sprite Maker

Generates Sprite Maps and meta-data to go with from a variety of sources including 3D->2D conversion, and loading loose images. These sprite maps can then be loaded and used in 2D games written in any language.

XNA Sprite Lib

Makes it easy to mange the animation states of 2D sprites in XNA.


A multiplayer game matchmaking service written in PHP with a MySQL back-end. Designed to connect players together through a simple web interface that can be integrated in to almost any application.

C# Line Count

An old project of mine that counts lines of C# code and breaks it into a number of useful categories. It can also produce comma delimited data so that you can paste it into a spreadsheet.

XNA Screen Manager

DEVELOPMENT CEASED. It was intended to be a screen manager for XNA complete with screens, buttons, movable forms, text-fields and transitions between screens. This was designed with 2D games in mind. It works, and I was using it for a while, but there is still lots of work to be done. I am now using