Preach does not run out of the box

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After setting up PREACH_ROOT, PREACH_TMP, ERLANG_PREFIX; running make, I go to the test directory and type ./test. Erlang does not complete after 3 minutes.

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  1. fmpaula

    The problem is gcc related:

    Murphi's compilation (and therefore PReach) with the following gcc versions is not reliable:

    4.2.3 4.3.2 4.5.0

    PReach has been tested on gcc version 4.4.0

  2. fmpaula

    The problem is actually 32-bit-machine related:

    Adding the flag -m 50 (e.g., lgo -pr 5 -m 50) makes the problem go away (the default was to use a 1G hashtable == 2^30 bytes; a calculation that computes the number of bits multiplies this number by 8, which thus overflows for a 32 bit word).

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